About Us


LouBeeLou is run by husband and wife, Josh and Lou who created LouBeeLou in 2020 during the national lock-down. Ever since finding out she was expecting a baby 4 years ago, Lou has played with all sorts of creative ideas for her children.

Now a Mum of 2, she loves to create clothes that the kids enjoy wearing, and when she came across the idea of initials on t-shirts for a personal touch,  they quickly became a favorite item of clothing that the kids both enjoy wearing.

After creating a number of shirts for our own children and getting some lovely comments from other parents, we thought it would be a great idea to give other people the opportunity to have the same lovely shirts for their own children

The t-shirts are perfect gift idea for Grandchildren, friends or to buy for your own child. We hope you enjoy the shirts as much as our two little girls do.